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One Makes A Difference - Izzy rides a Unicorn

Zoe would be delighted to visit you bookshop, school or library for an author visit and/or books signing. She enjoys engaging children, encourage reading and share her love of books and stories.






Zoe can come along to your school or event with her books and do:-


  • Book readings
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Workshops based around her books themes
  • Book signings


Her books are most suited for reception age children and Years 1 & 2. However she can adapt most workshops for other age groups.


Zoe does prefer to run classroom sessions rather than large assemblies.


Please also remember if you would like to book a visit please contact Zoe well in advance of you event. Popular times for author visits such as World Book Day will get booked up quickest.







  • Discuss the event format with the author in advance and how you would like to play out the event. i.e. a book reading, question and answer session and then perhaps a short workshop with a book signing at the end.


  • Discuss if any materials are required for an event. A flip chart with marker pens is a great tool for an author especially those that illustrate. What is better than an on the spot drawing to engage the children? Sometimes a requirement is just as simple as getting the children to gather around for a story and at other times it may be a powerpoint presentation or similar.


  • A perfect opportunity to sell books. This is hugely appreciated if this can be made possible on school visits as it is how authors make most of their living. At the end of the school day when the parents collect their children is a great time for a book signing.


  • Book order forms. Zoe can provide a book order form to send home with the children which also helps minimise any paperwork involved for the school. She can either sign the books on the day or in advance of her visit.



  • Advertise author visit to the parents as well as the children, put it in a newsletter, on the school website or in a letter home.


  • Please prepare the children in advance of an author visit. It really helps if the children know who is visiting them and bit about the authors books as it encourages engagement during visits. Even better is if the teacher can get the children to think or prepare some questions in advance for the visiting author.


  • Please remember most authors are not teachers and may need help to control the class. The teachers know their pupils best and a bit of engagement from a teacher can really help an event run smoothly.


  • Photography. If possible author visits are a great opportunity to take engaging photos. If school policy allows the authors would love it if you can share photos from the day with them so they can use them to promote future events. They are also great for the school newsletter and website.


  • Please expect to pay an author for their time. An author will take a lot of time to prepare their visit and create workshops for the children to enjoy.


  • Above all make the most of an author visit and enjoy.








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